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2005-2018 Tacoma


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  • Model: allpro_05-18tacoma

All-Pro Rock Sliders are made from heavy duty 1.75” x .120” Steel Tube. Our sliders feature an innovative, one-piece mounting plate that runs down the frame, adding support to the weaker C-channel portion of the Tacoma’s frame while allowing for an easier bolt-on installation. Rock Sliders mount with the included grade 8 hardware including countersunk bolts that are flush with the bottom surface, since exposed bolt heads can be easily mangled by rocks. Pinch flange notching may be required due to slight variations between vehicles, and minimal drilling is needed for proper installation.

For the legs, All-Pro uses fully gusseted 2″ square legs due to their higher resistance to bending when compared to round tubing. In fact, the square legs are 1.7 times more resistant to bending than our 2″ round legs. To get the equivalent strength out of round tubing, 3″ would have to be used, and there simply isn’t enough room to do that. The legs run from the mounting points to the outer structure and are one of the most important parts of the slider to ensure a long life without the worry of bending. The square legs are more expensive, but the extra cost pays off for the user for years to come. The square tubing also provides more surface area to be welded to the mounting plate which, again, just adds to the overall strength.

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